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Privacy Policy

Copyright and other intellectual property

In accordance with stipulations in Law no. 67/98, 26th October, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS) respects the privacy of all participants and is committed to protecting any shared personal details.
In accordance with the law, the National Commission for Data Protection is previously notified regarding the processing of personal data provided.

Recording Information

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify an individual, including (but not solely) name, e-mail address, postal address, title, date of birth, gender, occupation, personal interests or other information necessary for you to present your proposals as part of this invitation.
Browsing the FFMS website, in order to analyse the conditions for this invitation, will be anonymous.
The FFMS does not automatically register personal information or the e-mail address of any participant.
All personal information that is requested is done so exclusively for the FFMS’ information and cannot be disclosed to third parties without the previous consent of its owner.
However, all the information provided will serve to keep the respective person or entity that furnished the said information updated on new competitions, invitations, services, resources or other information that the FFMS considers important and of interest to those parties.

Sharing information

The information provided will never be shared outside the FFMS without the express permission of the person or entity that provided it, with all information provided being stored on servers that are controlled and managed by FFMS. Access to this information is strictly limited.
The FFMS can only give personal information to other entities when it has been given previous and clear consent to this effect.

Data security

The FFMS guarantees security of personal data via the appropriate physical, electronic and processual means. For this purpose, the FFMS uses security procedures and mechanisms in order to maintain data security. Although we make every effort to do so, we cannot, however, ensure full and total security of the information that we receive, and therefore the FFMS urges that every precaution be taken to protect personal data while using the Internet.

Right of Amendment, Correction and Deletion of Data

The holder of any personal data is guaranteed the right to access, rectify, modify or remove it in accordance with Articles 10 to 12 of Law No. 67/98, 26th October. To do so, the holder need only specifically express this in writing or in person, via the following contacts:

Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos

Largo Monterroio Mascarenhas, nº 1, 8º Piso
1099-081 Lisboa

Tel.: (351) 21 001 58 00

Changes in Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be amended at any time. If the changes that occur are considerable and have implications for how the FFMS uses and deals with personal data, all those involved will be informed via a warning on the homepage of the FFMS website.

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